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Online Advertising Join The Passion For Online Trivia Games That Provide Advertising, Fund Raising and High Returns For Your Company Product, Business, Sport Team or Non-Profit Around The World.

AMK now creates customized online trivia games for your company or event to increase your sales by advertising your particular products, services or events through online games fans can share with a personalized link. Participants and Fans can pay .99 cents each game to compete for the chance to win cash and learn about your Company or Business in the process. We provide state of the art advertising solutions for your business in a way thats fun for your customers instead of an annoyance like most advertising solutions. You can sign up for free here: and see the different levels that your company can participate in. Depending on how many fans or clients you have following your business on social media, the advertising possibilities are endless. In addition to the free advertising, this can also create another lucrative revenue source for your business or event. MillionIze Comp Plan AMK will build your organization a free Online trivia game so you can share it with your fans and customers to get free advertising and marketing exposure for your products or services. You receive ongoing revenue and advertising at no cost whatsoever. We donate these free trivia games where people can win up to $1 Million per game to help the Disaster Relief victims across the world for recovery efforts and humanitarian assistance programs. A percentage of every game goes to these Hurricane and storm victims in the form of food, water, medicine, blankets, housing and more. You can go to: to see more. From full campaign development to consulting on how to create the best trivia game for your company, we donate it all for free; MillionIze creates trivia game content that gives any company brand a story as unique as their business. This is something that will help you make your company or organization a lucrative residual income stream depending on how big your fan base is. As you get this game out to your fans and customers through our online marketing platform, your organization makes a combination of upfront revenue in the form of commissions and ongoing residuals. Your organization can make $1 Million a year or more in residuals at the 10% level based on the number of people playing in your company or organization fan base network. Online advertising through competition based online games are a $50 Billion dollar a year market that’s growing and ready for you to help build your business awareness. This creates an ongoing revenue stream for your company from your fans and customers. Once you see the revenue potential for your business or event from a single game, then find out how we can open up unlimited games each day for your organization for any number of fans or followers. This advertising model is unlike any other type of revenue generation and it’s done through a state of the art esports competitive gaming platform to help non-profits around the world. Receive access to a $50 Billion dollar a year online trivia gaming market! Your fans will compete with each other, head to head, one on one, in single elimination trivia competitions for what could be over $1 Million if one Million fans are playing. We want to “MillionIze” your company in 2 ways, either winning the daily trivia game competitions or sharing your personalized company link with a Million of your fans, either way you win! Are you ready to build a lucrative revenue stream for your company or organization at no cost to you?

The Daily Millionaire Game and the Millionize distribution channel is a trivia game where players can win up to $1 million dollars every day. Players can join The Daily Millionaire bracket tournament for as little as $1.99, with a percentage going to non-profits and a chance for players to win prizes or win big! Players can also purchase extra lives for additional fees that increase on a round by round basis.

The brand promise of Millionize: “Every time a game receives a million eyes, someone wins a $1M prize!” Millionize makes it simpler and faster to compete and win for both seasoned and casual players and creates an unprecedented advertising model, now people will pay for a chance to win up to a million dollars while learning about your products and services! Everyone wants to make money both by playing a game and/or sharing an opportunity; we offer both and it caters to everyone!


Daily Millionaire Mission:

Millionize and Shout TV was created so people across the world can share in a multi-billion-dollar market where they can earn a Million Dollars in two ways: You can win the online Trivia Game Competitions and win a Million Dollars in prize money AND you can share your Online Game Super Link to the game so when people play, you get paid and earn a Million Dollars and more!

This is an online trivia game that has partnered with Humanitarian Assistance programs where a percentage of the profits are being donated to the Puerto Rico non-profit disaster relief, and a non-profit of your choice. We will build you a customized online trivia game and you will then receive 33% of all the proceeds of each game which alone could total $1 Million dollars or more per game if 1 Million people play, that is our goal, which is one of the highest returns possible in today’s market.

Millionize will create a customized link that each non-profit receives with their organization own name that they can share with their organization and anyone across the world for their own fund raising.  A percentage of everyone that plays the marketing and advertising game we create for the organization and sponsor goes back to the organization to be used for humanitarian needs.  Now every non-profit or organization can fund raise by having their members study their own customized courses in the form of a trivia game on their mobile phone and they will pay to do it. 

The organization chooses the marketing and advertising content of the trivia game and we take care of all the rest, including suppling you with the individualized links for each organization or church group. The more people that play, the higher the cash prize!  Not only does this provide fund raising opportunities with cash and prizes, but it also helps people stop playing destructive first-person shooter games and focuses them on fun competition games with their peers that provides them with many additional benefits. Even if they don’t win, they can still receive prizes. There are many programs that can be customized for our clients individual needs.



Join The Online Gaming movement.

This is an online gaming engine company for businesses who care about making money with their advertising budget and it’s the answer for money minded trivia players, affiliate marketing groups, and promoters who want to create revenue in the highly popular trivia gaming segment. Millionize is a platform that has AI algorithm brains and technology scale power to enable thousands of marketing partners to go to market to millions of players daily with a profitable set of recurring trivia games that generates extreme amounts of cash for players, producers and investors.  We will build a customized high return Marketing and advertising or esports game for educating people or marketing and advertising any product or service.  The return can be $365 Million or more the first year alone with a single game and the client has the option of adding as many additional games as desired. 

Having a game built is a great starter option for groups that want advertising and see some results. 


We have taken the best of each educational online gaming company over the years and created the perfect education platform with the best mobile app esports competition gaming solution in the world today.
Millionize is an Advertising and Humanitarian Assistance online mobile app educational gaming program that provides High Schools, University’s and other Educational Institutions across the country, both private and government, conduct fund raises for their particular school Music, Athletics, and other scholastic programs,  This program provides scholarships and helps groups and companies raise needed funding for their students and facilities by playing educational competition games on their phones or computers that are customized to their particular educational curriculum. When they win the game or even just play these esports education trivia games that we have customized for their own school curriculum needs. The student body receives scholarships and can raise cash for their own school programs.  The Millionize scholarship program works like this: each school or scholastic program finds a financial sponsor that can donate or invest in the development of a game for their school that includes automated payment systems, marketing of the mobile app game links based on each school mascot, development and uploading of over 10 Thousand questions options for each esports trivia game to complete a customized fund raising program structure for their school or educational program. The sponsor can donate and send all of the money raised by the game to the school of their choice or they can invest and receive 33% of all the proceeds of each game which alone could total $1 Million dollars or more for them per game if a Million people play as an example.  A Million people per game that is our goal. We want as many people as possible to participate around the country so the 5% the school fund raising program receives and the 33% the sponsor or investor receives is the highest possible. We take care of all that with our partners across the world.

Some of our partners include Real-Madrid, UFC, IMG, Cosmopolitan and many others. Millionize was formed around that promise; to bring an easily accessible mobile app educational game that’s not only fun but educationally beneficial to millions of children across the world.