Commerical Utility Auditing

Optimize and Audit Your Utility Bill Data, Recoup Overcharges and Get money back at no cost with AMK Energy Services Utility Bill Auditing

Commercial Utility Auditing

AMK Energy Services focuses on monetizing your utility billing data to save you thousands of dollars a month.
Our Deep dive audits undertaken by expert auditors and powered by proprietary software, deliver larger net returns, year after year.

What Sets AMK Energy Apart?

Powerful Analytics
Unmatched proprietary IT infrastructure applies intricate algorithms to scrub, parse, and analyze massive amounts of data resulting in saving and improved data.

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Technical Excellence
Expert utility bill auditors and utility specialist, with over 25 years of experience and over 100 tariff jurisdictions. We apply innovative methodologies resulting in detailed findings.

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Operational Analysis and Insights
Identify operational inefficiencies for continued savings and utility spending controls, to meet your organization’s sustainability goals.

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AMK Provides Billing Data Insights For:

* Gas
* Electric
* Steam
* Water & Sewer

Who AMK Serves:

Large Energy Consumers
* Healthcare
* Universities
* Manufacturers
* Residential and
* Commercial Properties
* Hotels
* Government (GSA)
* ESCOs / Utility Providers
* Efficiency Project Providers

Utility Data Optimization For The Healthcare Industry
Healthcare is an industry operating with a constant sense of urgency to improve its use of time and resources. Often, utility management gets pushed aside because of the pressing need to use internal resources for what matters most – patients.
Fortunately, AMK’s data optimization services for hospitals and patient care facilities help identify savings opportunities and recoup dollars that will be allocated back to these critical institutions – with very little effort by the Hospital’s staff.

Over 35% of utility bills have errors…do yours?

We review our clients’ utility/energy bills, and determine if there are errors/overcharges paid which can be refunded.
At no cost to you, we have our engineers on staff analyze your bills and determine any incorrect charges (i.e.: Classification, surcharges, tariffs, taxes, demand charges etc.) which can be refunded.
Bear in mind, this program is on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get your refund! Our utility bill auditors have performed thousands of billing audits to reduce our clients’ utility spending.
We provide in-depth invoice auditing of utility bills to identify opportunities for cost control, uncover errors, and secure client savings and refunds. The net result is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Here are some examples of the refunds we have received for our clients:
AMK performs FREE auditing for you. If we don’t recover funds for you, you pay nothing.

AMK provides expedited incentives across North America.

Example 1: NY State provides cash incentives to businesses that install energy efficient upgrades. Upgrades may include a  range from energy efficient Lighting, HVAC, Elevators, Air Compressors and other similar projects. Small businesses can benefit from prescriptive incentives that allow cash payments for qualified projects

Example 2: New Jersey SmartStart Buildings … A smart start now means better performance later! Whether you’re starting a project from the ground up, renovating existing space, or upgrading equipment, you have unique opportunities to upgrade the energy efficiency of the project.
New Jersey SmartStart Buildings can provide a range of support — at no cost to you —to yield substantial energy savings. Some of the most utilized incentives are:
* Lighting
* Elevator Renovations
* Equipment Replacement
Financial incentives are available for size projects which can offset some – or maybe even all – of the added cost to purchase qualifying energy-efficient equipment. Support for Custom Energy-Efficiency Measures Custom measures gives you the opportunity to receive an incentive for unique energy-efficiency measures that are not on the prescriptive equipment list, but are new/innovative or project/facility specific.
Application and Eligibility Process is easy and we have made it even easier to participate!

Water Bills are a big part of your overhead expense, let us help and get money back at no cost with AMK Water Audit Service. We review our clients’ water bills, and determine if there are errors and overcharges paid which should be refunded.
At no cost to you, we have our engineers on staff analyze your bills and determine any incorrect charges (i.e.: Classification, surcharges, tariffs, taxes, other charges) which should be refunded. Keep in mind, this program is on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get your refund!

Some of the errors or overcharges you may face:

* Broken Meters
* Estimated Readings
* Incorrect Readings
* Duplicate or Over Billings
* Conversion from Frontage to Meter-Based Billing
* Reconciling of multiple meters on NYC DEP accounts
For those properties that include commercial and/or industrial tenants, additional issues that tend to arise include:
* Duplicate frontage and metered billing on commercial units.
* Multiple meter accounts for different stores on the same bill.
* Failure to bill commercial tenants for their actual water and sewer usage.
* Billing based on estimated charges for several years at a time.
* Non-existing meters being billed by NYC DEP
It’s never been easier to partner with AMK Energy Savings Solutions to start conserving water and saving money. Let us devise an installation plan of high-effiency products for your property.
Return on investment (ROI) is as fast as six to 18 months and annual water savings average 30 to 60 percent.

ENERGY BENCHMARKING is the practice of measuring how much energy a building consumes and comparing that against other buildings.
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”  is as trite as it is true.
40% OF OUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION and greenhouse gas comes from buildings.
Benchmarking is the first step toward boosting a building’s energy efficiency.

SAVE MONEY AND CUT COSTS. More and more studies are finding that benchmarking cuts building energy use. For owners and managers, just knowing how much energy their building consumes is the first step toward reducing it—and saving money.
½ OF ALL ENERGY SAVINGS are achievable through low-cost or no-cost operational improvements.
70% OF FACILITY MANAGERS who benchmark their facility with Energy Star use that information to guide them in decisions about energy upgrades.

AMK will provide you with a certificate that compares your building to peer buildings on completion of the Benchmarking study.

Demand Response
Adjust your energy usage a couple times a year to earn BIG money for your business. Demand Response is commercially active in many states, with the greatest monetary values in the Northeast, with New York City paying the highest amount of money per kW.
* Imagine earning $300,000 dollars and doing it easily without pain!
* How about earning $30,000 dollars for curtailing 100kW of energy for 4 hours, AMK proprietary cloud based technologies deliver ‘DR made Easy’.
You run your business, we manage your energy. It’s just that simple.

Demand Response explained:
Your Electric Utility: Sometimes your electric utility is short on electric energy and can’t reliably deliver energy to your business.
What you do to ensure reliability of your energy and earn big money: Adjust your current energy normal consumption patterns to earn incentive payments designed to induce lower electricity use at times of high wholesale market prices or when the electric system reliability is jeopardized.