International Commercial and Residential Construction including Fuel Purchasing

AMK Energy Services provides International Commercial and Residential Construction across the globe. We also provide fuel, both branded and unbranded offerings to government and commercial FBOs and fuel storage facilities. The combination of AMK’s robust supply network, tailored services and global sales presence make us a trusted Commercial Construction and fuel partner for FBOs and airports worldwide. See more about AMK’s International Government and Commercial funding and construction capability.

Servicing Major Airlines

Passenger airlines, Cargo Carriers, U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, all branches of the military, OEM and airframe manufacturers, corporate flight departments and more.

Trusted Fuel Partner

For FBOs, Airports, Airlines and more.

Provide On Demand Service

To meet our customer's fuel needs around the world on a 24/7 basis.

AMK has helped Governments as well as Commercial businesses around the world, everything from funding and building Port and manufacturing facilities in the United States to solar and wind farms in Germany, Japan, India, Philippines, Mexico, Central and South America and various other countries including the Middle East.

AMK strives to make a difference with the continued success of our projects as a global energy business, sponsoring the development, financing, construction, and operation of assets in OECD countries as well as emerging markets.

Commercial Utility Auditing

Optimize and Audit Your Utility Bill Data, Recoup Overcharges and Get money back at no cost with AMK Energy Services Utility Bill Auditing

AMK Energy Services focuses on monetizing your utility billing data to save you thousands of dollars a month.
Our Deep dive audits undertaken by expert auditors and powered by proprietary software, deliver larger net returns, year after year.

Monetization & Trade

We have a wide range of Monetization options for trade finance, project finance, and commodity finance products we offer, nowhere is our experience and innovation more evident than in Monetization and Trade.

Medical Contracting

We are committed to improving the health and wellness of our patients and focused on delivering the latest and most advanced testing across the Country.

Online Advertising

Join The Passion For Humanitarian Assistance With Trivia That Provides High Return For Non-Profits Around The World.


Our team of experienced Veterans are dedicated to delivering value to your commercial business and government operations by providing comprehensive business solutions and unparalleled service on a global basis.


Create a first-rate Service Disabled Veterans Owned Company that will grow to support international government and commercial business needs world-wide while giving back to the people in the communities we serve for generations to come.


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About Us

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, AMK Energy Services has over 100 years of combined commercial project management experience in funding and the construction of Oil and Gas refineries for fuel purchases to support a variety of International Airline fuel Contracts. AMK also supports FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers, and International Commerical Clients for various government infrastructure projects worldwide which also includes funding and EPC construction support.